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The microbuilder book

technical specifications


microbuilder book

The book, which grew to 260 pages at the beginning of 2005 is the most important component of the package besides the software. It will also give those people access to the aesthetics and the works of the micromusic_community who
are neither computer nor internet freaks and it offers a fascinating insight into the short but intense history of the micromusic project.

The book is produced with digital print technology and each microbuilder book is unique, containing a serial number, random input from the microliner database and the up-to-date login charts of the printing day.




Content (chapters downloadable as PDF files)

Owner Certificate (example taken from Alexei Shulgin's book) 5
Introduction by Gino Esposto (carl) 7
The beginning by Nenad Arsic, Mike Burkhardt, carl, Lars Kläger 13
Dear rolemodel... — questions by lektrogirl 23
Virtual Playground / Reality vsVirtuality by Manou 25
Art by Videohometraining 35
Rockin' on by Jan Jansen 41
Cool cool cool by DRX 45
Art by Nullsleep 51
Micromusica by Alexei Shulgin 61
Art by o_tr_o 67
I Wouldn't Have BeenMe If I Hadn't Found Micromusic by Hally 71
One of a thousand stories by gwEm 75
Dear poke-1,170... — questions by lektrogirl 81
Dear manou... — questions by lektrogirl 87
Micromusic interview by Alessandro Ludovico, 89
Art by the C-Men 95
Peer-to-Peer: the collective,collaborative and liberated memory of sound by Alessandro Ludovic 99
Dear tryst... — questions by lektrogirl 111
The Niche as a Future Model by Nick Lüthi 113
Communication by Gino Esposto (carl) 117
+1 UP-tour Update by naughtyboy 133
Art by minusbaby 189
micro_swopper by WWW.HANSBERNHARD.COM 197
Dear rolemodel... — questions by lektrogirl 239
Quick Installation and Starter Guide 241
Credits 247
Hall of Fame 251
Metamorphigons by minusbaby (flipbook animation)
all pages

microlines: picked from total 27,053 recordes
online charts: periode = 30 days, log file computed from 2004-11-10 to 2004-12-10

The Contributions

The founders of micromusic as well as a number of more or less micromusic-
connected artists, journalists and friends tell about their experiences with and on-line projects in general. They point out visions of their own, lending the book a personal note that is usually kept private within the community. This turns the book into an interesting reading for both insiders as well as outsiders. Furthermore, this part of the book motivates the reader to start developing on-line and off-line communities of his/her own. In addition, many encouraging hints and cheat, dos and don’ts are talked about. We also want to give institutions and companies within the micromusic community environment the possibility for advertising in the book. This advertising space can be acquired at a reasonable price through the website. This advertisement pages also makes it possible to thank those sponsors and cultural institutions who supported the microbuilder projects.

The Illustrations

The book is a visually stimulating reading for people interested in music, art and culture due to the many illustrations, diagrams and photos of micromusic_events and members. One learns how musical, graphical and textual contents have developed and affected one another.


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microbuilder is a project initiated by Gino Esposto (carl) and Paco Manzanares (wanga), 2003/2004
Contact: micromusic, Langstrasse 197, CH-8005 Zürich. The microbuilder software is based on the postnuke CMS.