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The microbuilder software - technical requirements

technical specifications


microbuilder v1.0 Software Installation

The microbuilder community system is based on the PostNuke CMS and therefor will offer all the basic features as in PostNuke version

The additional microbuilder features are explained here in the book and in details on

Quick Installation Guide

Usually the installation process takes only about 10 minutes. Before starting the installation you need to check on the following points:

a) You need an FTP login and password for your web server

b) PHP/MySQL should be working on your web server

c) You need to know the MySQL database, Login and Password

Now just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Software Installer CD
.ISO image downloadable here.




1.Copy files to web server directory
Use your FTP client to copy the content of the «html» directory on the microbuilder Installer CD to the web directory on your server.

2.Set file permissions on your web server
Set permissions of the following
- files (read & write, 666) and
- directories (read/write/execute, 777):


/pnTemp /pnTemp/pnRender_cached

a.) Change permissions in your FTP client
for files: read/write
for directories: read/write/execute

b. OR change permissions with the shell command «chmod» (login with telnet or ssh) chmod 666 <file name> or
chmod 777 <directory name>

3. Run microbuilder installer in your web browser
Point your browser to

4. Click through installer
follow the on-screen instructions of the microbuilder installer, this will take about 3 minutes only.

5. Congratulations
You just installed a new version of the microbuilder community system.
Find more info about the microbuilder project on or contact us by email.

Starter Guide
After successful installation of the microbuilder system you will see the following screen:

As you can see, the screen is split in different sections called blocks. There is a blocks section on the left side of the page, containing the Main Menu, on-line information and a search box. You can find the main content block showing the news information and other module content in the middle and a blocks section, containing a log in box, an events and shop teaser on the right.Click on the links in the Main Menu to explore your new web site. Functionality can be added to the microbuilder system by so called modules. With this installation you get basic modules included and pre configured for events, web links, up and downloads, news, messaging, FAQs and an on-line shop.As a special microbuilder feature we have developed a Frame View mode, which we successfully adopted on The Frame View Mode will give you a unique on-line community experience with real-time chat channel (microtalk).

Both ”Page View” and ”Frame View” mode show the same content, but in different ways. Page View Mode is for easy and calm content research and contribution while the Frame Mode is the actual ”Community Mode”, where you talk to people and experience the community and content in a kind of multiple channels. You decide in what mood you are and what mode fits it the best. Choose Page View or Frame View from the Navigation to toggle the two modes. System AdministrationIf you want to administrate your microbuilder website you need to log in as „Administrator“ with the password you set during the installation (default is „Password“, but you better change that quickly!!). As soon as you are logged in as Administrator, you can access the Administration section in the Main Menu. To learn how to administrate the microbuilder system please consult the HTML help (microbuilder_help) on your Installation CD.

System Development
Developers are cordially invited to help us out to improve the microbuilder system. On the CD you can find the microbuilder version1.0 with installer and fully functional. In the „extras“ folder on your Installation CD you can also find the future version of the microbuilder system (2.0 beta, only core engine, no modules yet) and the original system. If you want to work on the microbuilder as a developer we recommend you have a look at the version2.0 installer and our development center at

Software Installer CD
.ISO image downloadable here.


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if you need more info about the microbuilder or don't hesitate to contact us!

login with your microbuilder username and password:
microbuilder is a project initiated by Gino Esposto (carl) and Paco Manzanares (wanga), 2003/2004
Contact: micromusic, Langstrasse 197, CH-8005 Zürich. The microbuilder software is based on the postnuke CMS.